Welcome to the Official Sensei Wars Wikia Community Page!

If you haven't read my introduction blog, I'm John and I work at 2K Games. I am really excited to be a part of the Official Sensei Wars Wikia Community!

Sensei Wars is an exciting new strategy game that give you total control as you battle your adversaries. Define the fighting style of your Sensei to defend your Dojo and conquer enemy bases. Your Sensei also has the ability to command special healing powers! Bring your best tactics as you explore, build, and attack in a 3D cinema style. Join forces with your friends by creating a Dynasty for co-op play and battle players worldwide for top ranking on the Sensei and Dynasty leaderboards.

Sensei Wars is available now:

Have you found a strategy that reigns supreme? Do you have a favorite defensive path? Did you take a screenshot of a pivotal war moment? Have a question? Share it here, on the Official Sensei Wars Wikia Community Page! Also be sure to join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

I'm looking forward to seeing everything that you guys will add to these pages, in the meantime I am going to stake a claim on one of my enemies bases.